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How Trish Magruder Beat Breast Cancer

Early detection and swift, coordinated care from a Kaiser Permanente Northern California team of skilled specialists helped Trish Magruder overcome an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Kaiser Permanente employee Trish Magruder never expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer — she had no family history of the disease and lived a healthy, active lifestyle. But in the spring of 2014, a routine screening mammogram revealed a small mass deep in her right breast. Today, Magruder is healthy again and sharing a simple message: Stay on top of your cancer screenings because early detection can save your life. See more of her story in this short video.


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  1. I love the reminders for breast mammograms to be done regularly. I had a similar situation where I had a routine mammogram which revealed cancer as well. I elected for bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. My surgical team and plastic team has been by far the best. My treatment was done at Kaiser Fontana Medical Center and Ontario Medical Center. I cannot speak too much for the care and support I received from the Kaiser system. I too am an employee, serving at Kaiser Riverside Medical Center. I believe our team of dedicated professionals saved my life as well. Because it was caught very early I did not have to undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation. I praise God for Kaiser every day. Ladies, please get your routine screenings.

  2. Kaiser has a great team of doctors and I know 1st hand about making sure you get your routine screening mammogram. I had a lump earlier this year; it was scary. It turned out to be okay. Kaiser is great place and I am thankful for them.

  3. Trish is a true inspiration. She was strong and focused throughout her treatment. Sharing her story will inspire others and encourage others to do early screenings, I’m sure. She has always been a great friend and it’s good to know she is cancer free. Roger Miller

  4. Lord Jesus God Bless Trish Magruder and all the physicians for being there for her. Trish, I honore you, and we need more people like you who stay on top of the screenings at all times. I’m glad you are in perfect health, God is so amazing. I wish you the very best with all your health. Stay strong, sister. You are in God’s hands.

  5. Trish is awesome and inspirational! She does a wonderful job spreading the word about screening. Great reminder and message with this article.

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