Author: Dolores Radding


Sixteen years after registering to be a bone marrow donor, Jonathan Watkins got a chance to help save a woman’s life.


Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s Nurse Residency and Fellowship Program trains new and experienced RNs to fill in-demand positions in nursing.


Kaiser Permanente psychiatrist Mason Turner, MD, says letting go of the resentment you feel about offenses large and small can lead to better health and happier relationships.


Early detection and swift, coordinated care from a Kaiser Permanente team of skilled specialists helped Trish Magruder overcome an aggressive form of breast cancer.


Using mindfulness skills, Kaiser Permanente Northern California members learn to relate to chronic pain in a new way. Pictured above,…


With flu season right around the corner, it’s time to protect yourself and your family by getting the flu vaccine. Pictured above, Molly Cassady, RN.


Kaiser Permanente Northern California care teams are significantly reducing deaths from sepsis, continuously improving treatment, and sharing their knowledge widely.


Kaiser Permanente’s Jason Guardino, DO, MS, offers advice for keeping your stomach and digestive system happy and healthy.


Kaiser Permanente Northern California awarded more than $1.7 million in grants to improve access to mental health programs in the community and enhance school-based wellness programs.


When it comes to protecting patients from the potentially deadly intestinal infection C. diff, Kaiser Permanente Northern California hospitals are on par with the best performing hospitals in the country.

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