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A Serenade of Thanks

A 9-year-old girl found a unique and beautiful way to say thank you to her Kaiser Permanente caregivers.

Leah Gao has a lot to be thankful for. Gao is healthy today after physicians and staff at the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center helped her overcome leukemia. Earlier this fall, Gao performed a piano recital at the medical center as a way of expressing her gratitude.


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  1. As I watch this video, tears came from my eyes. She is such a nice girl for sharing her talent and how she expresses her THANK YOU FOR THE CARE by playing the piano and with the wonderful music…
    I am praying for more blessings and health. The LORD is always there for us.

  2. What a heart-warming story! It’s wonderful to hear Leah’s words and sweet music and to see her family and her team. This story made me proud to work at Kaiser. Thank you, Leah.

  3. This is really beautiful piece. And she’s playing one of my favorite pieces, “To a Wild Rose” by Edward MacDowell.

  4. What an amazing gesture! It warms my heart that she is doing well and is grateful for her life. We have amazing doctors, nurses, and staff here at KP. They are not always thanked in this manner or at all for saving lives and working to keep people healthy so this was nice to see. I’m sure they are not looking for a “thank you” or a recital such as this one as they do what they do because they want to genuinely help people, but it’s nice to receive every now and again.

  5. This is so neat. I didn’t notice that Kaiser has a piano in the medical center. Music relaxes one’s mind whether it’s a patient or Kaiser employees. Hopefully, there’ll be more pianos placed in Kaiser facilities, including non medical offices.

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