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After a cancer diagnosis at 52, Greg Sutliff is back to the things that give his life meaning. “I’m a little bit of a science nerd,” said Greg Sutliff. So, when the 52-year-old energy efficiency director learned he had prostate cancer, he had plenty of questions for Alan Iverson, MD, his urologist at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento. Dr. Iverson answered with pragmatism and empathy.


Kaiser Permanente is expanding its program that connects cancer survivors to comprehensive follow-up care, ensuring they stay healthy for the long haul. Pictured, Kaiser Permanente Northern California member Sam Wiley and his wife, Hazel Weiss.


Hugs, a few tears and lots of inspiration were in abundance during the Celebrate Life in Full Bloom event to honor cancer survivors at the Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center June 29.


When it comes to living a long life, there are a surprisingly high number of preventive measures men can take on their own — including simply visiting a doctor — to stave off deadly diseases.


Technology allows a panel of urologists and oncologists to provide cutting-edge treatment for every single case of testicular cancer in Kaiser Permanente Northern California.


Julie Wright went from cancer diagnosis to treatment within one month at Kaiser Permanente. Today she is living a full life as a mother and environmental consultant, thanks to her physicians and Kaiser Permanente’s specialized Neuro-Oncology Pharmacy Service.


A 9-year-old girl found a unique and beautiful way to say thank you to her Kaiser Permanente caregivers.