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The Bedside Harpist

At the Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center, the sweet sounds of harp music are helping patients relax and feel better.

Music can be healing. Research shows that music can help hospital patients lower elevated heart rates and blood pressure and can help reduce anxiety and pain. The Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center is one of a number of Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Northern California that is using music to help healing. Watch a short video featuring one of two harpists who go room to room offering patients the opportunity to listen and relax.




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  1. I don’t know if it was Ms. Proett or the other “harp Lady” that visited my room at Kaiser, but she asked if I would like to hear something. Like the smartaleck that I am I said “how ’bout Metallica Sad But True?” She continued into the room and began to play the most beautiful arrangement of Unforgiven I have ever heard, It wasn’t Sad But True, but it was Metallica! Harpified! She played a few more songs and it was very calming at a time when that was just what I needed. Wonderful.

  2. When my sister died in April, the family was not in the room with her. There was a group of three women that went to patients’ rooms to sing to them. They were singing to my sister when she died. We were told by people on the floor that the music was so beautiful, almost ethereal. It was comforting to know that she was at peace and didn’t die alone. I never met the women, but I want to thank everyone who participates in this kind of thing. It is very calming for the patients and family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. This harpist is not only beautiful on the outside, but her music is beautiful as well. The employees here at Kaiser Permanente Roseville are certainly fortunate and so are the patients to have this wonderful harpist.

  4. This is amazing! Thanks to the musicians who speak into the HEARTS of the ones in need through wonderful music. Their music brings peace and pleasantness to those going through tough times.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful way to incorporate mind and body. Maybe Ms. Proett could make a podcast or a CD for relaxation? Would love to hear more of her music.

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