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Support for Employees and Physicians Affected by the Napa and Sonoma Fires

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the fires in Napa, Sonoma, and Yuba counties. We are also grateful for the professionalism of our Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa team members who were involved in the early morning evacuation of our patients to other Kaiser Permanente hospitals. We thank our many employees and physicians who evacuated patients and members and received them at our local hospitals. Kaiser Permanente Northern California is donating to disaster relief efforts to help provide shelter and assistance to those forced to evacuate the area. In addition, we are offering our support to non-Kaiser Permanente hospitals and medical facilities that may be impacted by the situation.

We understand that we have employees and physicians who are among those forced to evacuate, and wish to be of assistance to them. The information below outlines emergency assistance that KP can offer. Our hope is that these resources will provide individuals and families help they need to cope with this difficult situation.

  • If you have lost your primary residence, please contact the Regional Human Resources Command Center at (855) 599-9922.
  • If you live in another county and are impacted by the fires, you may also contact the numbers below.



We have established a Regional Human Resources Command Center Employee Emergency Call Line that will be staffed 24 hours per day: (855) 599-9922. In addition, we have established the Pinole Medical Office Building at 1301 Pinole Valley Road as a centralized location for those who prefer in-person support.

Short-Term Emergency Support

  • Accommodations: Kaiser Permanente will assist with identifying temporary accommodations for employees and physicians and their immediate families who have been displaced due to the fires. The cost for temporary accommodations will be covered for up to one week. Employees and Physicians Contact: Regional Human Resources Command Center at (855) 599-9922.
  • $500 Grant: Kaiser Permanente will provide a small monetary grant (up to $500 net) for urgent and immediate needs such as food and clothing. This monetary grant is available to any employee displaced from their primary residence for a minimum of 48 hours under a mandatory evacuation as a result of the wildfires in Napa, Sonoma and Yuba Counties or other wildfires designated as emergencies. This program will be available until November 15, 2017. All Non-Physician Employees Contact: Regional Human Resources Command Center at (855) 599-9922. Physicians Contact: TPMG HR Benefits Team at (510) 625-6600.
  • $5,000 Grant: Employees and physicians who have lost their primary residence may receive a $5,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente that does not require pay back. All Non-Physician Employees Contact: Regional Human Resources Command Center at (855) 599-9922. Physicians Contact: TPMG HR Benefits Team at (510) 625-6600.

Emergency Assistance Loans

  • $10,000 Loan: Special  loans are available for employees who are awaiting other forms of emergency financial aid such as federal programs and insurance claims as a result of full or significant loss of their primary residence. Affected employees may apply for an interest-free loan of up to a maximum of $10,000 (the IRS permissible amount) and will have up to 18 months to repay the loan in full. All Non-Physician Employees Contact: Regional Human Resources Command Center at (855) 599-9922. Physicians Contact: TPMG HR Benefits Team at (510) 625-6600.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The EAP offers a free and confidential service for all Kaiser Permanente employees and their dependent family members. Employees can speak with representatives in person and receive support for emotional or psychological concerns. Contact EAP at (510) 987-4600.

Other Resources Available:

  • Financial Hardship Cash Outs of Vacation and/or Paid Time Off Account Hours 
    This may be available for those who suffer sudden and unexpected loss of property due to these extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances. All Non-Physician Employees Contact: Human Resources Service Center at (877) 457-4772. Physicians Contact: TPMG HR Benefits Team at (510) 625-6600. 
  • Retirement Plan Financial Hardship Withdrawals
    Employees who meet eligibility requirements may withdraw a portion of their Kaiser Permanente 401k Plan, Tax Savings Retirement, or Supplemental Retirement Plan – Plan B. KFH/HP and All Represented Employees Contact: Vanguard at (800) 523-1188. All Non-Represented TPMG Employees and Physicians Contact: Fidelity at (800) 889-4015.



We realize Kaiser Permanente employees may wish to help their colleagues in need or the community in general. There are a variety of programs available to offer assistance:

  • American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter Website — Find opportunities to make a personal financial donation or donate blood in response to the disaster.
  • Donation of Vacation/PTO— The Donation of Vacation/PTO Policy covers employees who have a medical emergency and have exhausted their accrued time off. If you are aware of a colleague with a medical emergency, and wish to donate hours, contact your local Benefits Consultant to determine if a donation is applicable. For more information, employees should review the complete policy on My HR or contact your local Benefits Consultant. Physicians may contact their Physician HR Consultants.
  • KP Cares Volunteer Website — Find and post volunteer opportunities for local organizations responding to the disaster.
  • KP Disaster Readiness Website — Information about KP operational response to disasters.


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