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Recovering COVID-19 Patient Thanks Kaiser Permanente

Stacy Allegro, who is recovering from COVID-19 disease, credits her Kaiser Permanente doctors and nurses for saving her life. Pictured, Allegro at the Cleveland Museum of Art before she got sick with COVID-19.

Kaiser Permanente member Stacy Allegro said that COVID-19 was the worst sickness she has ever experienced — and she survived endometrial cancer.

What started as a tickle in her throat turned into a bad cough and fever spikes of over 101 degrees, landing Allegro, 58, in the hospital for 7 days.

“I wasn’t prepared for the complete knockdown this virus dealt,” Allegro said, adding that she works as a Pilates instructor and is generally a healthy person. “I’ve never had to recover from anything like this.”

A 103.7 Fever

She said she believes she contracted the novel coronavirus from her husband, who became mildly sick with COVID-19 symptoms after a trip to Morocco. Eighteen days after he’d returned home, Allegro was admitted to the Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Hospital on March 27. She’d tried to treat her symptoms at home for about 9 days, under the supervision of her doctor.

“The morning my husband took me to the ER I had a delirious fever of 103.7,” she said. “One moment my husband was driving me to the emergency room, and the next thing I knew I was in an isolated room, hooked up to IVs.”

Allegro said the nights were especially hard — that’s when being isolated in a positive airflow room, without her family, made some of her worst fears come out.

“The most difficult part has been the isolation,” Allegro said. “I’m really close to my family, my husband, and my dog. When one of us is in a crisis, we’re there for each other. To not have them able to visit was agony.”

Small Gifts

Allegro said the nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff members checked on her periodically throughout the day and night.

“I drew all my strength from my care team,” Allegro said. “I wouldn’t have made it without them. I thought, ‘If they can be here, saving my life while jeopardizing their health and the lives of their families, I have to keep fighting for mine.’”

Allegro’s primary care physician, Orna Hananel, MD, called her several times a day and night to check in on her because she couldn’t visit her in person. She asked Allegro if she needed anything and brought her small gifts, such as new undershirts, nail clippers, and gum.

“I drew all my strength from my care team.”

“Thank God Stacy did not need any respiratory support,” Dr. Hananel said. “We tried to make her feel good and supported as much as we could. Every day, I would stop by a store to pick something up for her and leave it with the hospital’s security and nurses, who would deliver it to her. And if I could not find what she was asking for, I called everyone I knew to go get it ASAP, and they sure did; they delivered!”

Medical social worker Susan Loskutoff provided Allegro with new pairs of sweats and socks. Nurse Mary McKeown Provines went out at 9 p.m. to get Allegro toiletries and T-shirts she needed because of her intense night sweats.

Meatloaf and Phone Calls

Allegro also praised the hospital’s food service team. Although she didn’t have an appetite much of her time at the hospital, the nutritional service team made sure the food trays they sent her included her favorite foods, such as meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and grapes.

“They got to know me and what comfort foods I like,” Allegro said. “That made me feel special, like I wasn’t just a number.”

“I wasn’t just a number.”

Allegro is now recovering at her family home in Glen Ellen, feeling better as each day passes. She continues to receive several phone calls a day from different Kaiser Permanente departments to check on her physical and emotional health.

Before her release from the hospital, she created a poster, thanking everyone on her Kaiser Permanente care team. “There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all of you!” she wrote. “You made me feel like family at a time when my own family could not be with me. Each one of you deserves a Purple Heart.”


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  1. It warms my heart to see you all full of such pride. You should absolutely wear it proud. I am just reading these comments for the first time as it has taken me almost 14 weeks to feel human again. Thanks to all of you for the well wishes and encouragement. I wish I could give you all a hug!

    1. We are so happy you are feeing better, Stacy. Thank you for sharing your story and for this sweet note.

  2. This a great article that demonstrates it takes a TEAM to provide a great care experience. I am very appreciative of the husband for acknowledging the efforts of the whole team — MD, RNs, MSW, dietary services, and security guards. Glowing example of how everyone working together can provide great care. Good work, KP San Rafael!

  3. Such a heartwarming story! Having worked for Kaiser for 39 years, I never get tired of reading about the wonderful, kind professionals who love to go the extra step (or in this case a MILE) for a member. So glad you are better Stacy — thanks for sharing your story!

  4. What a wonderful testimony. Such a blessing! So happy to hear about your recovery and the kindness and compassion of all the staff involved. Big Shout out to Dr. Hananel . I worked with her many years ago and she has always been awesome.

  5. This is a great story! I am so happy to be a part of Kaiser Permanente Scotts Valley! This story is the exact reason I come to work daily!

  6. Am so proud I have been a part of this great health care organization as KP retiree and a KP member … 3 cheers for the NURSES, DOCTORS, and medical staff, especially during this unusual times … MABUHAY!!!

  7. I got very teary eyed reading this. Everyone is affected so much by this virus. I just could NOT imagine having to be away from my family, my little dog who is my BEST BUDDY. And the Kaiser staff like she says become your family during your care. I for one am truly honored to be part of Kaiser and the commitment and how they go beyond the call of duty to be there in every way possible. So glad you are recovering.

  8. Our world is in need. One of the best stories to prove that there is still good in this world. Let’s continue to share kindness, compassion, love for all. This is a wonderful world, together we make it a better place. Stay kind, compassionate, and loving, and thank you, Kaiser team, for helping one another in need. God bless all!

  9. This share was truly heartfelt. Your story allows a sense of pride in KP and our health care workers, not just at this facility but nationally. The care you received is the care we’ve come to know as a KP standard of importance to the communities we serve. Thanks for the smile.

  10. Thanks to God for that testimony and blessings to all the people on her CARE TEAM. I am honored to be here to help our patients in their time of need. Working in the Oncology Dept. can be challenging and only God has got me through every day with such ease. I am grateful. Let’s all keep working together.

  11. I loved this story and I am so glad to be a part of the Kaiser family.
    Working with caring people is a delight. Keep up the good work, we are all watching and praying for your strength and the strength of the patients you so diligently care for.

  12. This is just one of the reason I absolutely love being a part of this Kaiser family. The kindness our hospital staff and doctors show our patients are heartwarming. Continue to get stronger, Stacy. You are my hero!

  13. I know the kind of care these doctors and nurses go out of their way to give their patients. I worked as an RN there for many years and saw it first-hand. Above and beyond always!

  14. What a beautiful story of people going out of their way to take care of a patient, just as they would do for someone in their own family. Makes me proud! Keep up the good work! Please know that those of us who don’t do direct health care work are keeping you uplifted in our hearts and prayers.

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