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Honoring Our Nursing Past

Five graduates of the original Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing reflect on their education and their work as Kaiser Permanente nurses.

At the end of World War II when our health plan opened to the public, qualified nurses were in short supply so Kaiser Foundation established a nursing school in 1947 to help alleviate the shortage. The school went on to train a diverse pool of 1,065 nurses over the course of its nearly 30-year history and graduated its last class in 1976.

Today, Kaiser Permanente’s Nurse Scholars Academy continues that commitment to education. The academic partnership program offers working nurses in Northern California an opportunity to earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The legacy of a Kaiser Permanente nursing education is captured in this award-winning video that features five Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing graduates. They share their experiences as nursing students and as Kaiser Permanente nurses, highlighting the underlying truth that first and foremost nursing is about providing extraordinary, heartfelt care for each patient.



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  1. It warms my heart to see how these nurses enjoyed their chosen profession. So proud to be a Kaiser Permanente nurse and being able to serve my community!

  2. Crazy! Phyllis Moroney was my Pediatric PCP at KP Oakland when I was growing up!! I loved her!!

  3. Thank you. A gift to nurses to enjoy the legacy. This video illustrates the passion we have living as nurses. Very proud to be a Kaiser Permanente nurse.

  4. Really well done. People who are drawn to nursing are very caring people, and you can see from this video that these women really cared a lot.

  5. Great video! I’d like to see a video honoring physical therapy’s past with Kaiser, with luminary therapists such as Maggie Knott working with Kaiser himself in the Kaiser Vallejo PNF program. Also highlighting the Kaiser Hayward residency training programs in Australian/Maitland manual therapy.

  6. Great video. As I get closer to retiring, I reflect back on my long career as a nurse. I’m so proud to be a nurse.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to our nurses. They are the very heart and soul of our business.

  8. This was wonderful to watch. Thank you for putting this together and allowing us to see the vantage point of people who had such long, wonderful careers with Kaiser Permanente. I am very inspired.

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