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Experience the AIDS 2020 International Virtual Conference

Kaiser Permanente showcased its HIV/AIDS leadership at the 23rd Annual International AIDS conference. This July 6-9 virtual event prominently featured our HIV/AIDS care delivery and science, had participants from 180 countries and spanned multiple time zones, and earned Kaiser Permanente positive media coverage for this important work.

With more than 10 abstracts and poster presentations featured from Kaiser Permanente HIV/AIDS clinicians and researchers, Kaiser Permanente hosted 4 live virtual panels and attracted virtual conference attendees through our brand presence throughout the virtual environment.

Watch recorded panels and see media coverage below. Start here with a brief video about our AIDS care and leadership.

Watch introductory video for KP's virtual booth

Kaiser Permanente
Welcome to AIDS 2020

Watch introductory video for KP’s virtual booth ›

Expert Panels

HIV/AIDS Care in the ERA of COVID-19

Discussion of Kaiser Permanente innovations in care delivery for HIV/AIDS patients during COVID-19, including the latest on care through telehealth and other virtual solutions. Moderator: Michael Horberg, MD; Panelists: Peter Kadlecik, MD, and Charu Ramaprasad, MD.

Watch expert panel video ›

Advances in PrEP

Discussion of how Kaiser Permanente is leading the way with PrEP delivery science research, including care population management; disparities in care; integration of care with pharmacy, research highlights, and common barriers to PrEP adherence. Moderator: Michael Silverberg, PhD, MPH; Panelists: Christine Bruno, PharmD, BCPS, Amanda Thornton, MD, Tadd Tobias, NP, and Jonathan Volk, MD, MPH.

Watch expert panel video ›

Panelists for the Impact of a Women's HIV Clinic
Watch the panel introductory video about the SOUL Clinic

Impact of a Women’s HIV Clinic

Discussion about Kaiser Permanente’s SOUL multidisciplinary clinic for women’s HIV care in Oakland. The clinic, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is a gathering place where women living with HIV find a community. Moderator: Sally Slome, MD; Panelists: Jeannifer Key, LCSW, member Kirsten Saxton, and Heidi Werbel, RN.

Watch the panel introductory video about the SOUL Clinic ›

Building the HIV Provider Pipeline

The United States is facing a shortage of HIV clinicians, while the demand for HIV prevention and comprehensive care grows. Hear from clinicians and current fellows about Kaiser Permanente’s recently launched HIV Clinical Fellowship, one of a handful of such programs in the country. Moderator: Mitchell Luu, MD; Panelists: Elysia Engelage, MD, Fellow Leah Goodman, MD, Fellow Kecie Pitts, MD, Sally Slome, MD.

Watch expert panel video ›

Virtual Booth and Conference Branding

With a branded presence throughout the online environment, more than 750 global attendees encountered Kaiser Permanente and our AIDS research leadership at our virtual booth.

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Media Coverage

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Brad Hare, MD, of KP San Francisco Medical Center quoted.
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Contagion Live
Jonathan Volk, MD, MPH, of KP San Francisco Medical Center interviewed on his work Long-Term PrEP
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Michael Silverberg, PhD, MPH, interview: Body Mass Index Among People With HIV Is Rising Much Faster Than in the General Population.


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