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Kaiser Permanente contributes to Let’sPlaySF! to transform 13 playgrounds used by 20,000 children. San Francisco’s playgrounds are getting a necessary…


A Kaiser Permanente physician is on a quest to care for kids at high-need, low-income schools.


KP Launch, the Kaiser Permanente Northern California high school and college internship program, is expanding its college cohort as part its mission to increase diversity in health care.


Kaiser Permanente’s focus on healthy communities dovetailed with a Million Meals Summer event providing free meals for children in need.


The Warriors Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente on March 11 announced a partnership to create Generation Thrive, an innovative initiative that aims to lift up at-risk youth in the community. Generation Thrive, which will be headquartered out of the Warriors current practice facility in Oakland, will focus efforts in 3 key areas: educational equity, college and career readiness, and health and wellness.


Oakland’s Youth Radio was supported by Kaiser Permanente in creating an app called Mood Ring. It helps young people chart and share their emotions.


Celebrating its 30th year in Northern California, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre is still helping school students and staff, parents, and communities learn to make informed, healthy choices when faced with situations ranging from nutrition to bullying to depression.