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Mahtop Ranjber

I applied to KPLAUNCH because I wanted to gain opportunities to work in a hospital and meet people in a health care setting.

My favorite memory would be the first day of my internship in the Emergency Department at the Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center. I was helping to fill out paperwork and observe the registration desk. I soon came to realize that the Emergency Department is calmer than they show on TV. It’s quiet, and people are walking rather than running; any urgency usually comes in the form of a telephone or walkie talkie call.

At first, I was planning on becoming a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, but through the internship, I got the opportunity to interview a pediatrician during one of our professional development days, and it got me thinking a lot about becoming one myself. This internship helped me to discover my passion for working with children and further hone in on my professional goals.

Next, I plan on applying to colleges that fit my career path. I also hope to get my phlebotomy certificate and EMT license so I can start gaining more experience in a hospital. In the long term, I plan on becoming a pediatrician. Hopefully after becoming one, I can open clinics in underdeveloped countries, starting with my home country of Afghanistan.

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