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Grace Lee

I am an incoming college freshman studying physiology and neuroscience. I was able to spend my 8-week KP LAUNCH internship with the Neurosurgery Department at the Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center.

This program interested me because I knew that I wanted to go into health care, but I was still unsure about what path I wanted to choose. Did I want to become a nurse, physician, or surgeon? Not only was I able to make memories through this internship, but I made connections that will help me in the future.

My favorite memory of this program would have to be the thrill that rushed through me when I was given the opportunity to watch my very first surgery. I later found out that the patient was discharged after 2 days, disease free. Knowing that these doctors are all heroes to someone further motivated me to become a neurosurgeon. This internship has strengthened my passion for neuroscience and I hope to walk back in the doors of Kaiser Permanente working side by side with these amazing surgeons.

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