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Enric Morera

Throughout my life, I was always taught by my parents to align myself with things that fit my values and life goals, and Kaiser Permanente does exactly that. Whether it is the organization giving back locally in Oakland or helping to make health care affordable for everyone, Kaiser Permanente is always helping everyone out and I want to be a part of that. My brother, E.J. Morera, was a KP LAUNCH intern and was a huge advocate for the program.

I learned a lot from my internship in the Accounting Strategic Initiatives Department in Program Offices, the national headquarters for Kaiser Permanente, located in Oakland. My favorite memory of my experience here at Kaiser Permanente was hearing Bernard J. Tyson, CEO and chairman, speak. He told us his back story and everything he has done to get to where he is now. Before the internship, I was always nervous when I had a meeting with anyone with a high-ranking position, but this is not the case anymore. I realized that everyone is human no matter what your position is in a company.

My experience as a KP LAUNCH intern has played a crucial role in developing my plans for the future. I would love the opportunity to work at Kaiser Permanente because of everything it stands behind. One thing Kaiser Permanente has taught me is that you can really make an impact in this world — even if it’s just through a small gesture. If I can help find a way to reduce costs in my department, then those savings can be used to help make health care more affordable for everyone, which can help a countless number of lives.

I plan on graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in business administration, with a concentration in finance along with a minor in accounting. But my goal in life is to be able to say that I helped make a positive impact in this world and that I will leave a lasting impression.

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