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Benjamin Harry Doherty

Kaiser Permanente is nationally recognized from coast to coast. Although I hadn’t been exposed to the financial or business side of Kaiser Permanente, I knew there were lots of opportunities at the organization and I wanted to learn more. I interned with the Treasury Department at Program Offices, the national headquarters for Kaiser Permanente, located in Oakland, California. I worked on several exciting projects, including compiling an intern survival tip sheet and carpool list templates for employees in need of rides to volunteer events.

I know I am not the only intern who was impressed by Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, during the intern convocation. Not too many of my friends can say they’ve met the CEO of a $60-plus billion company. That will stick with me for a long time.

After my internship experience, I see Kaiser Permanente as a place I want to work in the future. I study economics and finance, and I’ve learned about so many opportunities in those areas within health care. In fact, this fall, I will be attending UC Berkeley as a transfer student from Contra Costa Community College. As my first internship, Kaiser Permanente has opened my eyes to the professional arena and I am already planning a return next summer.

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