Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s award-winning screening program finds colon cancer soon after member Antonio Jofre’s 50th birthday


Kaiser Permanente members who chose video visits were overwhelmingly satisfied with this way to visit with their doctor, according to research correspondence published this fall in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Two recent studies in the American Journal of Medicine reinforce the effectiveness of Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing cardiovascular initiatives.


Neurologists of the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Stroke FORCE team get clot-busting alteplase to patients twice as fast as the national average.


Technology allows a panel of urologists and oncologists to provide cutting-edge treatment for every single case of testicular cancer in Kaiser Permanente Northern California.


According to a recent study published in the journal Obesity, nearly 1,000 Kaiser Permanente members who participated in individual wellness coaching by telephone for weight management lost an average of 10 pounds each and changed their weight trajectories from upward to downward.


CARDIA was the first major study of heart health to enroll participants who were relatively young, racially diverse, and both male and female. Thirty years later, participants gathered in Oakland to celebrate.