Author: Douglas Oakley

Douglas Oakley

Doug Oakley is a writer and photographer with Kaiser Permanente. He writes and shoots photos on Kaiser Permanente’s community health initiatives, its nurses and facilities. He also covers infectious diseases, health education and pediatrics. Doug brings 30 years of experience from print journalism and communications work to his current role. Contact him at


Kaiser Permanente’s world-class sports medicine program enables athletes, from professional basketball players to weekend warriors, to stay fit and healthy.


 Wildfire, power outage, or flood: When disaster strikes, Kaiser Permanente home health care givers get the job done.


Kaiser Permanente is using solar panels to create its own green energy and ease the negative health effects of climate change.


The flu vaccine is available to Kaiser Permanente members starting Sept. 21 through the season’s end.


Kaiser Permanente is expanding its program that connects cancer survivors to comprehensive follow-up care, ensuring they stay healthy for the long haul. Pictured, Kaiser Permanente Northern California member Sam Wiley and his wife, Hazel Weiss.


A Kaiser Permanente physician is on a quest to care for kids at high-need, low-income schools.

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