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Kaiser Permanente’s world-class sports medicine program enables athletes, from professional basketball players to weekend warriors, to stay fit and healthy.


Excellent care at Kaiser Permanente enabled skier Robby Franco to recover from an injury, feel confident again, and compete in the PyeongChang Olympics. Now he’s looking forward to the 2022 winter games, with his sports medicine team helping him get there.


Technology allows a panel of urologists and oncologists to provide cutting-edge treatment for every single case of testicular cancer in Kaiser Permanente Northern California.


Julie Wright went from cancer diagnosis to treatment within one month at Kaiser Permanente. Today she is living a full life as a mother and environmental consultant, thanks to her physicians and Kaiser Permanente’s specialized Neuro-Oncology Pharmacy Service.


Alfonso and Stevie Joo, basketball coaches and father and son, both faced potentially career-altering injuries. But quick, personalized care from Kaiser Permanente got them back on the court.


Liza Barnes experienced a life-threatening aortic dissection, which can start in any part of the aorta but in her case was just above the heart. It came on hard and quick. But equally fast care from Kaiser Permanente saved her life.

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