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After a cancer diagnosis at 52, Greg Sutliff is back to the things that give his life meaning. “I’m a little bit of a science nerd,” said Greg Sutliff. So, when the 52-year-old energy efficiency director learned he had prostate cancer, he had plenty of questions for Alan Iverson, MD, his urologist at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento. Dr. Iverson answered with pragmatism and empathy.


Kaiser Permanente’s focus on healthy communities dovetailed with a Million Meals Summer event providing free meals for children in need.


Kaiser Permanente and Initiative for a Competitive Inner City enter Sacramento, the fifth U.S. city where they are helping businesses create more good-paying jobs through a program called Inner City Capital Connections.


Using mindfulness skills, Kaiser Permanente Northern California members learn to relate to chronic pain in a new way. Pictured above,…


Kaiser Permanente’s Jason Guardino, DO, MS, offers advice for keeping your stomach and digestive system happy and healthy.


Liza Barnes experienced a life-threatening aortic dissection, which can start in any part of the aorta but in her case was just above the heart. It came on hard and quick. But equally fast care from Kaiser Permanente saved her life.