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Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s psychiatry residency programs launching in San Jose and Oakland are designed to produce new psychiatrists with a focus on clinical training, leadership, and education.


Lance Friis, LMFT, brought his skills as a Kaiser Permanente therapist and a major in the California State Military Reserve to help those searching the destroyed town of Paradise, Calif.


A state quality group recognizes Kaiser Permanente Northern California with its highest rating for overall quality of medical care.


Oakland’s Youth Radio was supported by Kaiser Permanente in creating an app called Mood Ring. It helps young people chart and share their emotions.


When the North Bay Fires hit a year ago, many Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians lost homes, security, or simply a way of life. Since then, bi-monthly seminars created by employees are offering a respite to anyone for free.


Kaiser Permanente furthers its commitment to mental health and wellness with financial support, deepening community partnerships, and a call for reducing stigma and developing resilience.


With the winter months nearing, be aware of symptoms of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. They may include depression, trouble sleeping, and increased appetite. If you may have SAD, see a professional to explore light therapy, cognitive therapy, or medication. Exercise, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and seeing others can also help.


More than 100 Kaiser Permanente mental health residents and interns from around Northern California work at schools and community agencies as part of their training programs.