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For 50 years, the California Newborn Screening Program has been Kaiser Permanente’s early warning system that helps protect its youngest patients from treatable genetic diseases.


ABC means ‘Alone, on their Backs, and in a Crib’ — and that’s how parents are remembering the essentials for keeping their babies safe from sleep related deaths.


A new program supported by Kaiser Permanente distributes diapers and baby hygiene kits to address family health and community needs…


Caring for a baby can be stressful and isolating for parents. Kaiser Permanente is testing a new program to see if educational and supportive text messages approved by pediatricians can help.


Debbie Cox is a 25-year veteran of midwifery who has watched some things change and others remain the same —…


By providing free cribs to families who need them, Dr. Ethan Cutts is helping to halt the incidence of sleep-related…


By supporting moms throughout their pregnancy and newborn experience, Kaiser Permanente has dramatically increased breastfeeding rates in Northern California. As…