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Kaiser Permanente sponsored the 20th annual Kahuna Kupuna surf contest in Pacifica, California, for surfers over age 40. Pictured, Emily Flannagan performs a cross step maneuver on her long board in an early heat of the contest.


In observance of National Youth Sports Week July 15-21, we spotlight skateboarding injury prevention and compare the injury rate to other popular youth sports.


Kaiser Permanente supports the San Francisco Ballet in bringing regular dance-inspired movement classes to people with Parkinson’s Disease.


When Andrés Renteria asked his daughter what she wanted for her 15th birthday, he had no idea that her answer would change his life.


Kaiser Permanente’s Pleasanton Technology Campus offers employees a bikeshare program for exercise, convenience, and fun. Pictured above, bikeshare user Tony…


Breast cancer expert Susan Kutner, MD, talks about Kaiser Permanente’s pioneering work to prevent breast cancer — and to detect…