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Stronger Together

A photo essay tells the story of the heroic and extraordinary actions of Kaiser Permanente physicians and staff during and after the North Bay fires.

Last month’s North Bay wildfires had a profound effect on the people of Kaiser Permanente. The fires prompted a dramatic evacuation of the Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center, the temporary closure of a number of Kaiser Permanente medical buildings, and for hundreds of Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians — the loss of a home.

It will be years before the North Bay recovers from the devastation of the fires, but within days of the disaster, one thing was clear. Even in the toughest of times, the people of Kaiser Permanente share a spirit of strength, resilience, and kindness.


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  1. In my opinion, Materials Services played a huge part on the re-opening of Kaiser Santa Rosa. We were there during the fire and we were one of the first responders. We worked extra hard and long hours to ensure that we were up to capacity and at the same time in-compliance, so that the Clinics and the Main Hospital can re-open and provide care for our patients. I strongly feel that the re-opening of the Clinics and the Main Hospital would not have come to fruition without Materials Services and all of the hard work that we did; from the cleanup to ordering all of the required supplies. What we did and accomplished with who and what we had, was short of a miracle; that was validated and celebrated by Region. We pretty much pulled the impossible. I just want to recognize Materials Services. Our Department deserves the recognition. We are part of Supply Chain and we are definitely one of the strongest links during the fire. I am proud of our Department.

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