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Portraits in Nursing

From the moment a new baby is born in a labor and delivery unit, through the final days of a patient’s hospice care, skilled and compassionate nurses are a critical part of every Kaiser Permanente care team.

This photo essay offers a glimpse into the working lives of 10 nurses and the many ways they care for Kaiser Permanente patients.


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  1. –Thank you to the kind and wise nurses and nurse-midwives at Kaiser San Francisco who helped my daughter deliver our first grandson two weeks ago and allayed our innumerable anxieties.
    –Thank you to the kind and careful nurses, especially Frolin and Kimberly, who helped me when I was in the hospital a few years ago. Hand hygiene experts!
    –Thank you to the last 12 years of careful, kind, and wise nursing provided by our KP Hayward Peritoneal Dialysis Center nurses, who are terrific educators and teach our patients with kidney failure a life-sustaining therapy they can do at home.
    –Thank you to kind, thoughtful, and helpful nurses who helped deliver my three girls at Hayward and Oakland hospitals 27, 29, and 31 years ago.
    –Thank you to my mother, a nurse.

  2. I thank the nurses for sharing with us. This is why I think Kaiser is the best, because of the people who work here. I’m an employee, but I have been a patient. I received wonderful care. The care I received helped me recover faster.

  3. So beautifully done. Thank you. I am proud to be a Kaiser Permanente RN and to have the opportunity to touch lives and to receive so much in return.

  4. Very proud knowing one of these important people for patients. I know she had a great example through her mother’s professional experience.

  5. This was a beautiful video. It’s great to see the challenges nurses have to endure on a daily basis and how they overcome them. Thank you for allowing us an inside view.

  6. Wonderful video! I especially loved seeing Linda in action! She is an awesome ICU Nurse, and as a UA I’ve had the pleasure of working with her numerous times — she definitely deserves some shine! “LOVED the BLACK & WHITE theme!” Great visuals!

  7. Such a powerful piece — with beautiful images, words, and music! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what KP’s nurses do!

  8. Great video! Simple and powerful show of how nurses touch lives every day in such meaningful ways. Thanks.

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