Nurses Are Awesome


Some experts help Kaiser Permanente celebrate Nurses Week, May 6 12.

At Kaiser Permanente Northern California, we think the world of our nurses and the outstanding work they do every day to make lives better. To help us celebrate Nurses Week, we asked some very important experts to tell us what they think about nurses.

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    Carla Ramos,RN BSN L&D

    Thank you, kiddos! I will remember to take time and schedule a play date with my BFF, as it’s well over-due! 🙂

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    Rose Ann Favela

    Touching … the words and expressions of the children made me feel appreciated even for the simple things I take for granted.

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    Emily W, RN, BSN

    Thanks kids! We are awesome! I will remember to take care of myself so that I can continue to take good care of you!

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    Christina Granucci

    It’s the simple things-playdates and sleepovers, and being gentle with our patients and with each other!

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    Michele F., RN, BSN

    Loved it! That made me smile and I thought that they had great advice! Play dates are awesome!

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    This was very sweet, and what I like most about the comments from children, is that when they are asked a question, they process it, and answer it honestly to what they really feel is the correct answer, without trying to overthink it, like most adults do.

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    Children are so inspiring and so innocent when they speak. I will remember to take care of me. Love the video.

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    Susan Mahoney RN

    So very cute, “out of the mouths of babes.” In fact, I think I will plan a playdate or sleepover soon!

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