Kaiser Permanente Announces New Oakland Headquarters


The health care leader will continue its 70-plus year commitment to the city and reduce operating costs with the opening of its Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center.

Kaiser Permanente today announced plans to construct a new headquarters — The Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center — in Oakland, bringing together staff currently in multiple locations, reducing annual operating costs, and benefitting the city that has been its home since 1945.

The announcement is the latest step in the organization’s ongoing effort to deliver more affordable care and coverage while continuing its commitment to the city of Oakland. The new building, at 2100 Telegraph Avenue, is scheduled to break ground in 2020.

“For more than seven decades, Kaiser Permanente has been proud to call Oakland our home, and today we further strengthen our commitment to this incredible city,” said Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente. “While allowing us to go from seven sites to one and reduce operational costs by more than $60 million annually, which will create additional benefit for our members and customers, this new headquarters — The Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center — will also bring tremendous benefits to the Uptown neighborhood, serve as a thrive center for the city of Oakland and be a collaborative workspace for our employees.”

The new downtown Oakland building will address facilities maintenance, inefficient utility expenses and rising commercial real estate leases. Reinvesting these savings will advance Kaiser Permanente’s mission of providing high-quality, affordable care for its members and communities.

• The move will support the organization’s commitment to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to remain in Oakland.
• The new building will accommodate the 7,200 national and Northern California Regional employees and physicians who currently work in seven different locations, and will enhance collaboration and provide more modern workplace technology.
• Its design will emphasize green construction, and will include a health clinic, community meeting spaces, a showplace for locally inspired art and other benefits for the community.
• The building will increase local tax revenues, create jobs and drive economic growth in Oakland.
• The new offices will include modern, environmentally sustainable, efficient working space with improved access to public transportation, all of which will support employee collaboration, productivity and Kaiser Permanente’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2025.

The current vision for the building design includes:

• Dedicated space for a health clinic and health education
• Community meeting spaces
• Healthy food options
• Weekly farmers markets
• Exercise and cooking classes
• A showplace for community-inspired art
• Other benefits for the neighborhood and the community

Once construction of the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center is complete in 2023, existing buildings currently owned by Kaiser Permanente will be acquired by local developer Lane Partners for renovation and commercial use.

“In our rapidly changing health care environment, Kaiser Permanente must not only adapt, we must lead the way,” said Richard Isaacs, MD, CEO and executive director, The Permanente Medical Group. “As we continually advance our technologies and practices to improve patient care, our people should work in an environment where innovation can flourish, collaboration and engagement are encouraged, and workplace wellness is a priority.”

Kaiser Permanente is the largest employer in Oakland and delivers significant economic impact to the city and the region. This new building is estimated to generate a one-time $23 million economic benefit in addition to more than $15 million annually in local tax revenues for the city, according to site developer Lane Partners.

“Kaiser Permanente has been an anchor in Oakland’s community for more than 70 years,” noted Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. “We are so pleased that this organization has reaffirmed its commitment to Oakland with this decision to establish a new headquarters, a central home for its employees and a place for our community to connect and thrive.”

Over the coming months, Kaiser Permanente will engage its employees and the Oakland community in the planning and development of its new location, as well as explore best uses for public spaces in the building to foster collaboration and wellness.

The new building will consolidate Kaiser Permanente’s footprint and add to several major investments the organization has recently made in the Oakland community:

• $5 million for affordable housing in East Oakland.
• The launch of a multimillion-dollar plan to end homelessness for more than 500 Oakland-area residents.
• In partnership with Inner City Capital Connections, the organization is strengthening small businesses and promoting economic prosperity through the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City program.

Another important partnership is with the Golden State Warriors. Kaiser Permanente recently announced a 20-year commitment starting with an initial investment of $5 million to start Generation Thrive, an initiative that will aid underserved children in the Oakland area.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s future home.

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  1. Avatar

    As a KP employee of 15 years, and one of those in the buildings being replaced, I’m excited about the possibilities for this new building. As a resident of Oakland for 20 years I’m sad that another Oakland building with character (the 50’s space architecture inspired Giant Burger) will be leveled…. That seems to be happening on every block of my beloved city. What would be impressive would be to take the facade of Giant Burger and use it for the ground floor cafe of this new building….

  2. Avatar
    Dahminique Moore

    This so awesome, such s blessing. Thanks for coming up with something so wonderful as this!

  3. Avatar

    I would like to receive what is really going in my community especially with Kaiser. Thanks

    • Lynn Mundell
      Lynn Mundell

      Hi, Rosalinda.

      You can check this website regularly for updates. We have all of the major news as well as stories about Kaiser Permanente people, innovations, care, and service.

  4. Avatar

    Good Morning,

    I have been a KP employee for 17-plus years and I am excited about this update and future move. I have one request, is it possible to include a gym for KP employees who will be housed in this new location? I am looking forward to this future adventure and move.

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