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Kaiser Permanente 75th Anniversary: Remembering the Beginning

Kaiser Permanente member Sam Pichey recalls joining the organization in 1948 and 72 years of good health that followed.


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  1. I was born at “Kaiser Field Hospital” in Richmond, California in 1944. Our family belonged when my father helped build Liberty Ships. Am still a “Kaiser Kid,” now in Arlington, Virginia

    Dr. Iris St. John
    (née Carol Iris Sloan)

  2. If there was a “love” symbol, I would “heart” it! I love all of these stories of KP’s history. I’m very proud to work for KP for 18 yrs. Keep the great historical stories coming!

  3. What a great story! I first met Sam Pichey in 1963, when I was 13, through his oldest daughter, my schoolmate. She and I are still friends today. Sam was a wonderful man and I remember him fondly.

    As a native San Franciscan, I grew up with Kaiser until age 32, when I moved to the Northwest. I hope Kaiser will cover my area someday, 60 miles north of Seattle.

  4. My father worked in the Kaiser Shipyards in the later 1940s. My sister was born in a Kaiser hospital in 1948 and I was born in 1951. I have had Kaiser health care all my life. My mother had a medical number with just 4 numbers and was questioned about it many times from nurses and doctors saying, You must be a long-time Kaiser member? She was very proud to say, Yes, I am! My family and I have always had the best of health care with Kaiser!! I have seen so many wonderful changes over the years, and I believe that Kaiser has evolved into the Number 1 health care there is!! Congratulations, Kaiser, for your 75 years of service to the many people you serve!

  5. I have worked for Kaiser Permanente for 19 years. It has been an awesome place to be employed. My kids, the hubby, and I have the best health coverage here at Kaiser. Kaiser has had many family get-togethers that we have been to; there was even one when I had to work, so my family went without me. It was awesome, they all said… Kaiser has treated me and my family fabulous. #luckytobehere #Kaisergavemeacareernotajob

  6. My grandfather being of African decent, heard that Kaiser Shipyards were hiring men of color and came from Texas to Richmond, California, for work. Later, he brought the rest of his family and raised them there. I was born at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in 1965 and eventually accepted a position as a receptionist in the mid-1980’s. Years later, I became a medical assistant and now plan on retiring at the organization. Kaiser Permanente has treated my family well and I am very proud to work here.

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