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Interns Launch at Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s KP LAUNCH program offers young adults a variety of paid internship opportunities in administrative and medical offices throughout Northern California.

The program aims to build and sustain a diverse, culturally competent workforce, and offers interns the chance to develop practical skills and have meaningful work experiences alongside inspiring health care professionals. Meet 8 of this year’s 287 interns, and Felicia Duncan, program manager, to learn how they are influencing the future of health care.


“I want to help people; I enjoy the act of selfless service.”
– Alejandra Perez

Because of her KP LAUNCH experience, Alejandra now wants to pursue a PhD in biomedical engineering.
Read more about Alejandra’s story


“Kaiser Permanente has opened my eyes to the professional arena.”
– Benjamin Harry Doherty

Through Benjamin’s internship, he’s learned that there are many opportunities to pursue his interest in finance and economics within health care. Read more about Benjamin’s story


“I want to open clinics in underdeveloped countries, starting with my home country of Afghanistan.”
– Mahtop Ranjber

KP LAUNCH helped Mahtop discover her passion to become a pediatrician. Read more about Mahtop’s story


“I identify with one of Kaiser Permanente’s main values: serving the community.”
– Dominique Joyon Strong

Dominique’s internship experience developed his passion for working in health care, and has shown him how he can use his skills to better his community. Read more about Dominique’s story


“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a surgeon, and this program has further motivated me.”
– Rosa Pena

Rosa’s internship experience gave her an overview of how a hospital runs, as well as one-on-one experience working with patients. Read more about Rosa’s story


“I want to give back and try to make a difference in this world.”
– Enric Morera

Enric was inspired to pursue the internship after his brother’s positive experience in the program. Read more about Enric’s story


“I made memories and built connections for my future.”
– Grace Lee

Grace’s internship further strengthened her passion for neuroscience. Read more about Grace’s Story


“I was attracted to the mission of helping young adults gain valuable work experience.”
– Lyniece Hill

Lyniece’s KP LAUNCH experience has inspired her to pursue a career in corporate communications. Read more about Lyniece’s story


“I enjoy supporting eye-opening experiences for youth.”
– Felicia Duncan

Felicia has always been interested in youth development, and loves managing the KPLAUNCH program. Read more about Felicia’s story

“Please click here to get more information about the KP LAUNCH programs. If you’re a Kaiser Permanente employee or physician, learn how you can get involved with the program.”


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  1. I mentored KP Launch participants this summer, and believe me, mentors get as much satisfaction from passing along knowledge, wisdom, and experience to those who are seeking to explore their career options and potential. It’s a priceless feeling to know you may have imparted a positive, lasting impact upon someone who benefited from your time and patience.

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