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Information on Air Quality and Smoke Exposure

Because of poor air quality in many parts of our region, we are providing information about steps to take to help avoid smoke exposure. Please share this information with your family and friends to help keep them safe, as well.

Steps you can take to avoid smoke exposure

  • Stay indoors with windows and doors closed, and reduce physical activity, if possible.
  • Avoid exercising outside or being outside for prolonged periods.
  • If you have an air conditioner, turn it on to see if it helps, especially if it’s central air. If you have a window air conditioning unit, make sure the filter is clean.
  • Set home and car air conditioning units or vent systems to re-circulate, rather than drawing from the smoky air outside.
  • Use “controller” steroid inhalers (like QVAR), “quick relief” inhalers, or oxygen as prescribed.
  • Over-the-counter eye drops or eye wash may help with eye irritation.

If you need medication or care

  • Members who need a prescription or refill can go to any open Kaiser Permanente pharmacy. If there is no nearby Kaiser Permanente pharmacy, or if other assistance is needed, including redirecting mail order prescriptions, members should call the Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy Call Center at 1-888-218-6245.
  • If you begin having difficulty breathing, contact or see your physician for advice. You can reach the KP Appointment and Advice Call Center at (866) 454-8855. For moderate to severe symptoms, call 911 for assistance.

Air quality inside KP facilities

Some KP facilities are experiencing heavy smoke odor inside. You can be assured that we are doing everything possible to provide the safest possible environment inside our facilities. Our filtration systems are fully operational and we are monitoring them carefully. Keep in mind that despite the smoke odor, the air quality is better indoors than outdoors.


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  1. The impressive rallying of human-power to evacuate our SRO medical center and set up command centers and assistance of so many kinds — as well as all the colleagues I see working 24/7 to answer the calls, provide care and offer assistance and support is wonderful. This message from our Regional President and TPMG President are one more sign of how we live our mission and vision every day. It makes me proud to work for KP. Thank you for making us all feel cared for and proud to be a part of this great organization.

    1. Hi, Carlos. You may check with Employee Health Services, located on the first floor of the 1950 Franklin. Thank you.

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