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Honoring Achievements in Research and Teaching

The Permanente Medical Group recently honored five physicians for their contributions to medical research and to the education of colleagues and residents at Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Left to right: Matthew Lando, MD, Walter Kinney, MD, Harley Goldberg, DO, and Klaus Kernbach, DPM. Not pictured: Douglas Holsclaw, MD.

Their research has been published in prestigious journals and has changed the standard of care within Kaiser Permanente and nationally. Their teaching transforms new Kaiser Permanente residents into accomplished surgeons, and their ideas about how physicians learn best is revolutionizing clinical medical education.

Five physicians from The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) were recently honored with Research and Teaching Awards. The Morris F. Collen Research Award recognizes TPMG physicians who make significant contributions to scientific literature and to the health of Kaiser Permanente communities. The Teaching Award for Excellence in Medical Education acknowledges the extraordinary accomplishments of practicing clinicians who also make significant contributions to the clinical education of their colleagues at Kaiser Permanente and to the graduate medical education of Kaiser Permanente residents.

Read about this year’s award winners and click the links below to watch short videos about each physician’s work.

Harley Goldberg, DO

2016 Morris F. Collen Research Award

Harley Goldberg, DO
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Kaiser Permanente San Jose

Harley Goldberg, DO, is being recognized for his study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, which is an important addition to the literature about the treatment of the very common condition of acute sciatica.

Dr. Goldberg initiated the study to answer a question that he and doctors worldwide faced on a daily basis: Do oral steroids effectively relieve the pain of acute sciatica? At the time, there had been no high-quality studies to answer that question; Dr. Goldberg’s would be the first.

Read more and watch a 3:27 video. 


Walter Kinney, MD

2016 Morris F. Collen Research Award

Walter Kinney, MD
Gynecologic Oncology
Kaiser Permanente North Valley

Walter Kinney, MD, has a long and distinguished career in conducting research that impacts patient care practices and truly changes — and saves — lives.

Dr. Kinney’s research has been instrumental in the widespread adoption of co-testing for cervical cancer, utilizing the traditional Pap test in conjunction with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) test. For decades, the Pap test was used alone.

“I saw women who’d regularly had Pap tests come in with cancer,” said Dr. Kinney. “This seemed particularly tragic because cervical cancer should be preventable.”

Read more and watch a 2:57 video. 


Matthew Lando, MD

Teaching Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education

Matthew Lando, MD
Head and Neck Surgery
Kaiser Permanente Greater Southern Alameda Area

Matthew Lando, MD, joined TPMG on virtually the same day in 1990 that marked the start of the Kaiser Permanente Greater Southern Alameda Area’s Head and Neck Surgery residency rotation. It was no coincidence. The rotation was started, in part, to encourage Dr. Lando to come to Kaiser Permanente to practice — and to teach.

“Teaching has always been important to me, even during medical school and residency,” said Dr. Lando, who received a Resident Teaching Award at UCLA. “Part of my obligation as a physician is to ensure that the next generation of surgeons is well prepared.”

Read more and watch a 3:32 video. 


Klaus Kernbach, DPM

Teaching Award for Excellence in Clinical Medical Education

Klaus Kernbach, DPM
Kaiser Permanente Napa/Solano Area

As far as Klaus Kernbach, DPM, is concerned, the lengthy Clinical Medical Education presentation in a stuffy lecture hall just doesn’t cut it anymore. So he’s revolutionizing the way CME is delivered in the Kaiser Permanente Napa/Solano Area.

“Evidence shows that we actually learn more in very succinct and direct bits,” said Dr. Kernbach, who specializes in leveraging technology to make information available to his colleagues whenever and wherever they want it — at their desks, in their cars, or even during an exam. He creates brief, to-the-point lunchtime webinars as well as short podcasts for busy physician commuters.

Read more and watch a 3:29 video. 


Douglas Holsclaw, MD

Teaching Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education

Douglas Holsclaw, MD
Kaiser Permanente Redwood City

Douglas Holsclaw, MD, knows exactly how he feels about teaching: “I’m beyond passionate about it.” So much so that when he joined TPMG as a regional cornea specialist at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, he brought the UCSF cornea fellowship with him. Over the past 18 years, Dr. Holsclaw has trained 46 fellows, including six of TPMG’s 12 regional specialists.

As a highly regarded surgeon who receives referrals from across the region, fellows training with Dr. Holsclaw gain exposure to the most complex clinical problems. “I still hear Dr. Holsclaw’s voice providing guidance and encouragement when I work through a difficult case,” said a former fellow.

Read more and watch a 3:35 video.




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