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Gift of Life Bonds a Nurse to Fairfield Family

A Vacaville nurse forever changed the life of a 2-year-old in need of a transplant. Pictured, Victoria Myer and Jordan.

There are thousands of posts and status updates on social media every day. But more than 2 years ago, one post led to a lifesaving gift that would forever bond 2 families.

A little boy named Jordan was born prematurely. Health problems ultimately meant he would need a new kidney.

His family took to social media to find a donor.

Victoria Myer, an assistant nurse manager in the emergency department at the Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center, saw a newspaper article about it posted on co-worker Teresa Martinez’s Facebook page.

Thinking back, Myer said it was not only the nurse in her, but also the mom in her, that responded to the need to help the toddler.

“I hope someone would do that for my child. I tried to put myself in their position,” said Myer.

So she got tested and she was a match. She went through the transplant and Jordan received the kidney. Both recovered and are doing great.

But the families didn’t meet until last month.

It was at the Scandia Amusement Park in Fairfield, where Jordan, now 4 years old, decked out in a red jacket, sunglasses, and sneakers, presented his donor with a bouquet of flowers and a hug.

There were lots of tears and smiles as both Myer’s family and Jordan’s family enjoyed the long-awaited reunion.

Jordan is happy, healthy, and active. He plays t-ball and is on track to start kindergarten.

Myer has gotten to see some of that progress. She is friends on Facebook with Jordan’s grandmother, allowing the families to follow each other even before they met in person.

“I have seen him in pictures,” said Myer. “It’s great to see him doing so well.”

For Jordan’s family, it’s hard to put their gratitude into words.

“I don’t think there are any words that cover it. You have to be a very unselfish person to do something like this,” said Jesenia Castaneda, Jordan’s aunt and his guardian. “The fact that [Victoria] did that gives us more years, more life with him. It’s because of people like her that my nephew gets to enjoy his life.”

“It’s something special to take an organ, a part of her, and give it to someone she doesn’t know. So we will always be connected,” said Monica Muzio, Jordan’s grandmother.

The fact that Victoria donated her kidney didn’t surprise those who know her.

“She is amazing. She knows her job and she knows how to treat people well. She is dedicated to our patients and to the employees. She is always looking after us,” said Martinez, who is an Emergency Department technician at KP Vacaville.

Myer continues trying to make a difference. She is an ambassador with Donor Network West and tries to spread the word about organ donation.

“I thought, if I can make a difference in someone’s life, I want to do that and be a role model for my kids.”


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  1. Joyful Tears, Joyful Tears, WOW!!! You are a remarkable angel sent from God! May God continue to bless you and everyone! What a beautiful heartfelt story!

  2. What a beautiful example of selflessness! This makes me hopeful that we do live in a world where people DO care about something and someone other than themselves!

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